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Are those below zero temps hard on your heating bill? Let Hankwitz be there to help you.

We install Heil furnaces, Dunkirk and Veissman boilers, Empire Space Heating, and Modine garage unit heaters. We can help keep you warm!

Heil is the leading manufacturer of reliable, durable, and quiet energy star rated furnaces. Their furnaces provide consistent comfort and are built with a state-of-the-art electronic control monitor system that allows for advanced diagnostics, a timesaving tool for the technician. Heil’s furnaces have up to a 97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, which exceeds the energy star minimum rate of 90% AFUE. This high rating means the greater the efficiency, which then means the greater your energy savings potential. . When choosing a furnace, Hankwitz has put their trust in Heil for over 45 years. Heil has numerous ultra-high efficiency products that exceed the minimum efficiency standards of the EPA’s Energy Star Program. Hankwitz will take special care to match you with the furnace that meets your needs. Click this link for more information on Heil Heating and Cooling products.




If your home currently has a boiler system and you are looking to replace it or convert to a greener home, then Hankwitz is the company to call. We are here to help you select the boiler that meets your household needs. We work with companies like Dunkirk and Veissmann to bring you boilers that fit your home and budget, that are efficient, dependable and feature up to 95% AFUE rating. These boilers are energy star rated for their efficiency, so you know you are getting a top notch product. Give Hankwitz a call to schedule a free estimate. Click this link for more information on Dunkirk and Veissmann products.




 Do you have a lot of projects just sitting in your garage waiting for a warm day so that you can work on them? Now the wait is over, let Hankwitz install a unit heater by Modine in your garage. Modine offers a light weight, easy to install, quiet operating, low profile system that operates with natural gas or propane and is MADE IN THE USA. It is recognized as the industry’s most popular residentially certified gas fired unit heater. Don’t let your projects go undone; Hankwitz is here to help you. Click this link for more information on Modine products.


Tips for selecting a heating system from Energy.gov:
Selecting a heat system, what type to use:

Fuel – the heating fuels available depend on where you live in the U.S
Climate – the type of heating system you buy will depend on where you live

  • Warmer climates – might need space heaters
  • Colder climates – might need central heating

Efficiency – the higher the heating system’s efficiency is, the higher the purchase cost but the lower the operating cost. Look for energy star products.
‚ÄčSize – proper sizing is as important as efficiency, work with a professional to find and install the best heating system for your home.


Tips for cutting heating bills:

  • Use a programmable thermostat to set your heater back while you are away or asleep.
  • Seal your air ducts and make sure they are properly insulated